Good News Roundup – JAN 2012

Here’s a Roundup of this month’s amazing, awesome and inspirational news brought to you by!

Pakistan perform hockey sweep against China

January 2, 2012

Pakistan completed a clean sweep of China in their four-match series, the first international hockey event in the country since 2004.

The year 2011 saw a number of positive developments in Pakistan’s Information and Technology (IT) industry, from app development to global recognition and a series of awards.

October 2011 (Archive): Pakistan won the first ever Titans of Cricket exhibition trophy held at the O2 Arena in London, England. The two hour spectacular saw 4 teams battle it out – ENGLAND, R.O.W, PAKISTAN, AUSTRALIA.

Dr Naeem Taj, a surgeon of the Capital Hospital CDA, has earned fame and prestige for the nation by gaining entry into the Guinness Book of World Record by removing 25.5 cm long gallbladder through 1 cm incision.

A famous German institute has published a thesis by  a young Pakistani, Ahmed Aleem, on the topic of local culture and design. The dissertation titled ‘Pakistan Chawk’ explores artwork of designers in the old city area of Karachi.

To understand the experiences of people affected by Tuberculosis the Indus Hospital’s ‘Tasweer-e-Zindagi’ project gave participants cameras and asked them to photograph their experiences, challenges, and factors that support them during their treatment.

Mohammad Zubair broke the world record of individual longest continual rowing in Pakistan when he rowed 10 hours straight at a private fitness club on Saturday.

In the heart of one of Pakistan’s most dangerous neighbourhoods in the teeming city of Karachi, soccer pitches are keeping vulnerable teenagers from joining abundant gangs, kidnappers and extortion rackets. was recently sent a letter written by Tony Lazaro, a visiting consultant to Pakistan, who wrote this in response to a very negative Time Magazine cover story about Karachi.

2 thoughts on “Good News Roundup – JAN 2012

  1. it is great to read all the good news happening in Pakistan! and it feels good to know that there are Pakistanis who think on the positive side of the story. This is the motivation we need to get back on the right track. If all of us commit to make Pakistan a better place, not just by saying it, but by also proving through our actions and examples. We need to individually take up the challenge to correct what is wrong and do what is right, no matte what stands against us. We will have to say no to bribe and all the wrong things now, to see a brighter Pakistan. Here is a video which illustrates this beautifully: we all need to pledge to start building Pakistan. Lets take the first step now – pledge now!

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