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Engro Collage Magazine - Issue 5 | Jan-Mar 2012






Success Stories – for a change, let’s talk about the good news!
by Majid Mirza, Collage Magazine (Print) – Issue 5 | January-March 2012

If you’re a reader of Herald Magazine, then you might have seen a section entitled “1 Hour With…” and if you happened to skim through last month’s issue you would have seen a familiar face from the Engro’s Karachi office smiling at you.

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Collage Success Stories - for a change, let's talk about the good news!


One Hour With –
by Alizeh Kohari, Herald Magazine (Print) – March 2011

They operate from a small, comfortable room filled with smiley-faces but Majid and Mahmood Mirza, founders of, have set themselves a formidable task: to polish up Pakistan’s image by focusing exclusively on positive developments in the country.

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The Glass-Half-Full Beat
by Alysia Santo, Columbia Journalism Review – September 20th 2011

Majid Mirza has a similar approach with The Good News PK, with positive stories from the bad-news mainstay that is Pakistan. But he doesn’t see his site as a news outlet quite yet. “We’re just centralizing stuff,” said Mirza. He hopes to eventually report stories and write original content, because he’s gotten so much feedback from readers who appreciate his approach. “It’s difficult for people when there is a lot of political strikes and struggles to focus on,” says Mirza. “We’re just trying to give people a break.”

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July 8th 2011, the Awaz FM, Glasgow UK with Nuktaa Shah

Awaz FM, Glasgow – JUL8

Good News Pakistan!
by Tom Wright, The Wall Street Journal – July 1st 2011

Pakistan is besieged by bad news but two young brothers are trying to make a difference by focusing the world’s attention on the brighter side of life in the embattled South Asian nation.

The Good News is a website set up recently by Majid and Mahmood Mirza that focuses on positive developments coming out of the benighted country.

… for those who do turn to its pages, the site might help to counteract a prevailing view in the U.S. and India that Pakistan is a quasi-failed state about to be overrun by Mullahs.

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LUMS CARMA 2011: Generations School team bags Karachi’s only trophy
The Express Tribune (Karachi Pages) – January 18th 2011

“The team was sponsored by, a local news website with a vision to spread “awesome, amazing and inspirational news coming out of Pakistan”, according to a press release.”

“The team sponsor,, was launched last year by social entrepreneur, Majid Mirza, in an effort to highlight the more positive and inspirational stories coming out of Pakistan, as opposed to the usual negativities which steal the headlines. With their slogan “For a Change, let’s talk about the Good News” has grown in popularity on Facebook and Twitter. The website also plans to showcase original content soon.”

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January 20th 2011, The Express Tribune Blog (Media)

“A piece in Tuesday’s (January 18) edition of The Express Tribune spoke about a website aiming to spread “awesome, amazing and inspirational news coming out of Pakistan”. Upon visiting the website I was surprised to actually read good news.”

“Four pieces of amazing news published in less than 30 days prove that there is still good news out there. All we need to do is take lead from this website and spread some good news. Pakistan needs it.”

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