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For a Change, let’s talk about The Good News

Did you know that according to the United Nations FAO, Pakistan leads production for some of the world’s most important commodities like Chickpea (2nd), Cotton (4th), Sugarcane (4th), Milk (5th), and Wheat (9th)?

Did you know that Pakistani squash players have won the World Open 17 times, the British open 12 times, (the highest by any nation), and that Jehangir Khan was unbeaten in competitive squash for five years during which he won 555 matches consecutively?

So why don’t we hear about these and other amazing news bytes about Pakistan? God has blessed Pakistan with a diversity of food, fresh water, profoundly inspirational people, beautiful mountains, beaches… the list goes on.

So let’s turn the tables on self pity and talk about The Good News, for a Change!

Heard some Good News in Pakistan lately? Send us a link to the news story so we can include it on the site: news@goodnews.pk

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  1. I really like the ideology behind this website. I was wondering if I can talk to the manager about a possible collaboration?

    (P.S. If any of you attended CARMA ’11, I was the event head of Anchor It =P)

  2. Gr8 job guyzzzzzz n there should be a like button to every news u post!!! Just like youtube, facenook n share with fb n twitter!!! 😀 gr8 job!!!!

  3. Getting positive news from ordinary news sources is quite difficult. Why not interview the likes of Edhi, Dr Saqib (who has given out Crores in interest free loan to very poor), Citizen School Foundation and many unsung heros.

    When we highlight such great individuals, it will encourage others to follow them or support their efforts.

    • Hi Mr. Alam:

      If you see the Jan. 18th Express Tribune article, you will find that original content is exactly what we plan on doing in the future! Edhi Sahab and Dr. Saqib from Akhuwat are exactly the sort of people we would want to showcase inshallah.

      To see the full articles please check out our new section Good News in the News!:


  4. Excellent stuff. I have always been telling my chins-down, crest-fallen friends and colleagues that the first place where goodness to Pakistan will start is our minds. We must contribute wholeheartedly to this site n whatever manner we can.
    I live and work in Saudi Arabia and my 19 year old son, preparing to go to USA for his undergrad studies, complains all the time about scarce good news on Pakistan. He emails me his uncles and aunts and cousins, all good news he finds on Pakistan in the international press.
    Good luck sir.

  5. This is great site; Pakistan is being wrongly marketed, by short sighted people.
    Just in 2010, Pakistan produced 82,000 tractors, 1,80,000 cars, 1.5 million motor cycles, 42,000 tri-wheelers, 20,000 trucks and buses. This is in addition to billions of rupees worth of locally made machinery used by local industry and agriculture.
    In Islamabad/Rawalpindi alone, 27 universities are functional !

  6. This is an amazing effort guys, and you should be proud of yourselves for taking on the initiative. I hope to read even more good news in the future!



    • Hello Mystique. Thanks for your support. We look forward to having your on our Mailing List and Facebook Page.

  7. Brilliant idea! Some good stories i remember……

    A Slovenian mountain climber who was rescued by the Pak army in 2005

    The musicals Chicago, Mamma Mia and Moulin Rouge performed live on stage

    A lot of ppl in the west think Pakistanis are against other religions, so how about doing a story on the several convent schools over here? For e.g. St Joseph’s which is over a hundred years old, with majority Muslim students who sing Christmas carols etc….

    Non-Muslim Pakistani musicians etc…

    Pakistani band Strings doing the OST for Spiderman 2.

    Nazia and Zoheb being the first singers to come on British TV all those years ago

    Pakistani fan following of series like Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl etc (just to make western ppl realize that we too are indulge in such normal activities over here….)

    Hope these suggestions were helpful! 🙂

    • Wow… that’s a lot of GoodNews in one go Sara! It is true, there is very little coverage of the established Convents and other such institutions. Maybe someone could do a video report or documentary on ‘Convents Across Pakistan.’ Any film makers listening? 🙂

  8. Salaam mak3. MashaAllah what a fantastic website! Truly refreshing! May Allah give us more and more Good News through you guys always InshaAllah!
    Saadia Moosa

    • Wa’salam SA! Thank you so much and Ameen to your dua. We could not do it without the help of GoodNews fans who send us great stories every week 🙂

  9. this is a very good effort to bring out the positive energy from the country….as negative news only makes us low and demoralises, where as good news motivates us to do more good and make effort… so i hope this is making people do more towards betterment.

    • Thanks Ali! With the help of friends like yourself, we hope to keep spreading the message of positivity and inspiration for years to come inshallah. Please let us know how we can improve the site and Facebook Page and what other ideas we could incorporate into the GoodNews concept.

  10. Thank you for some good news. GOOD WORK! how about adding some news from Pakistanis in special olympics?

    • Hello Batool. You are very welcome! We were actually thinking of doing a Special Olympics Special (SOS) with the entire medal tally but I guess we got a bit late with it. Luckily we have great fans like yourself who have been keeping the Facebook Page updated! Thanks.

  11. hey not sure if you got my mail… sent you the news regarding the Pakistani swimmer who is training with Michael Phelps!

    • Yes Sara we did. And it was a great story indeed. Hope to post is soon. Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you Pakistan for such a nice gift(3 bomb blast in Mumbai ) on on kasab’s birth day.

    God Bless You……………

    Get Well Soon…………….

    Jai Hind………………………….

  13. Excellent initiative. May Allah give you strength to expand this. A couple of suggestion,

    a) The access to news is sequential. This may result in a Very Good news going down the page where it may be un-noticed. Can we make it more like a “news paper”, where headlines stay for some time on front page and links take you to details.

    b) Obviously the idea is to improve the morale of the people, now most of our fellow country men cannot ready English, should we have this site in Urdu as well ?

    I am happy to help in anyway possible. Please write to me on private email address

  14. so good to finally see a site like this. i have been telling people for years that there should be a good news newspaper for Pakistan.

    so thanks for doing this. and i will certainly try to post some good news here.

  15. brilliant job !! great idea .. wishing you all the best !! let me know if u need any help !! always here to help ..

    • Thanks Danish. Most help we need is to make sure no good news is left uncovered! If you come across anything positive, inspirational or awesome to do with Pakistan, whether its mainstream or grass roots, please send to news@goodnews.pk 🙂

  16. This is a brilliant idea! Surely there isn’t a better or simpler way to change people’s perspective and infect them with a little bit of hope.

    Viva The Good News!

    • Hi Tiffani! Thanks for your super nice comment. We’re hoping to infect them with a little more than a little 😉

    • Amazing share Rabia. Definitely worthy of the Good News. We are banking on you to become a regular contributor for our Technology stories. Best,

  17. Mashallah…keep up the good work please…Pakistan needs it as well as young positive people like you…
    Jazak Allah Khairan for all the Good News 🙂

    • Dear ShamaK:
      We need people like yourself as much, who are always there to support the movements of hope and justice. Wa’eyaki and God bless.

  18. hey, great positive approach.. ! Pakistan nation and youth need positive news.
    i am software and mobile app developer. if you are willing to have a mobile app for goodnews.pk our team can deliver the best. I can send you a demo and you can have a look to it.

    mail me if interested :


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