wins Best Agent of Change Award

Karachi Dec. 23rd:, Pakistan’s favorite web portal for positive and uplifting news, won the Best Agent of Change category at the Pakistan Blog Awards 2011. For almost two years, the site has been working to promote the more positive side of Pakistan to counteract negativity that usually steals the headlines.

In 2010 CIO Pakistan got together with Google Pakistan to present the First Annual Pakistan Blog Awards highlighting those who have helped put Pakistan on the global blogosphere. This years Awards were the second of their kind. A medical student attending the event was quoted as saying: “I am so so happy that won this award today. I am a regular reader and avid fan of the website. When I first stumbled across it, I kept scrolling and scrolling till I reached the bottom. I must have read about 50 news stories that day.” has increasingly gotten attention from the international media like The Wall Street Journal, Al-Jazeera and Columbia Journalism Review, who see a fresh new perspective on a country that is often highly misrepresented in the global arena. But for the Founders, Mahmood and Majid Mirza, there is still a lot of work to be done. “Winning the award is an amazing boost for us” said Majid Mirza “But we hope it will give us the exposure and credibility to get support and sponsorships for larger and more impactful initiatives that we are planning.” One of these includes an alternative news channel called TGN TV on Youtube which will provide a platform for Pakistan’s citizen journalists. Goodnews can be found on the url: as well as the Facebook Page: Founders Majid Mirza (L) and Mahmood Mirza (R), with Faizan Laghari, Founder, (C)

9 thoughts on “ wins Best Agent of Change Award

    • Danny M! You are one of the original supporters of and your blessing is needed, especially in this festive season 🙂

  1. Majid – what a wonderful and inspirational accomplishment. Heartiest congratulations to you and your brother. As you know, I am more than a bit passionate about squash and your blog comments about Pakistan’s love of the game and the role the Khan family has played in shaping it, were most interesting. Keep up the great work. Your friends in CBET salute you.


    • Dear Howard: So wonderful to hear from you. Indeed, The Khans have left a squash legacy behind which will be in the record books for some time. The other day I was at the Gymkhana Country Club and the squash coach told there was a period when the Squash Greats from England and Australia used to get special psychotherapy sessions before playing Jehangir because they couldn’t seem to muster up the will to play. Not sure if true, but sensational nonetheless! 🙂

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