Pakistani surgeon lands in Guinness Book

ISLAMABAD – Dr Naeem Taj, a surgeon of the Capital Hospital CDA, has earned fame and prestige for the nation by gaining entry into the Guinness Book of World Record by removing 25.5 cm long gallbladder through 1 cm incision.

Dr Naeem after operating 70-year-old patient Rasheeda Bibi at CDA hospital removed 25.5cm long gallbladder from her body. This is the longest ever gallbladder removed laparoscopically in medical history. Guinness Book of World record has awarded Dr Naeem Taj of CDA with the certificate of “world’s longest gallbladder removed through laparoscopy”.

Executive Director Capital Hospital, Dr Saddique Akbar Satti on the occasion said that he was proud of his surgeon Dr Naeem Taj and expected much more on his credit due to his sheer talent.

Dr. Naeem receiving the Guinness certificate for “world’s longest gallbladder removed through laparoscopy.”

3 thoughts on “Pakistani surgeon lands in Guinness Book

  1. oh…….Waow great ahivement Dr Naeem!After reading this and knowing about him I feel really proud to be a Pakistani.Pak have Jazbas like dr naeem taj.Hats off to you dr naeem very very very very very very welldone. May Allah give dr naeem much more sucesss in future.(Amen)

  2. Oh waow After reading this and knowing about him i feel really proud to be a pakistani I slaute to dr naeem Hats off to you.May Allah give more sucess to dr naeem taj(Ameen)

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