From TB patients to storytellers

Karachi: To understand the experiences of people affected by Tuberculosis the Indus Hospital’s ‘Tasweer-e-Zindagi’ project gave participants cameras and asked them to photograph their experiences, challenges, and factors that support them during their treatment.

Each photograph is accompanied by a story that contextualizes it.  These photographs and stories will be shared with community members, policy makers, and practitioners at the Tasweer-e-Zindagi gallery event held at the Indus Hospital on January 14, 2012.

This project was funded by the Stop TB Partnership’s Challenge Facility for Civil Society.

Visit the link below to see the entire gallery:

‘This is that moment of happiness when I realized that I was getting better. So, in excitement, I picked up my son and threw him in the air. He had a habit of saying “Throw me up in the air!” Before, I couldn’t even pick him up. I couldn’t even hold his hand to help him walk. When I threw him in the air, I was thrilled. This showed that I’m now getting better. I felt very happy.’– Saleem Ahmed, 27-year-old male, TB Patient

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