Pakistani students shine at international event

KARACHI: Two Pakistani students have won third position after competing with more than 1,500 students from 52 nations at the world’s largest pre-college scientific research event.

Mehwish Ghafoor and Ambreen Bibi won third place in the field of environmental sciences at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair which concluded in Los Angeles on Thursday. The research project titled “Degradation of Environment Pollutant with Nano-composites” talks about a method to make polluted water drinkable.

4 thoughts on “Pakistani students shine at international event

  1. Pakistani students are always taught about anti India syllabus. Bt they can never get forward to India. Jai Hind!!

    Zohaib Samad (i am 6 year old and my parents always taught me to love my country. I am a proud muslim living in my motherland my beloved india)

    • Dear Zohaib. Thanks for your comment. I have been a Pakistani student for most of my life but I was never taught an anti-India syllabus. In fact, I was told amazing and inspiration stories about life in India and how different religions, races and cultures used to live in harmony there. If you see the latest post on GoodNews, you will see a striking example of Pakistani and Indian harmony in action and we should try to focus on commonalities and cooperation, rather than differences:

      Thanks again for sharing your opinion.

      • Agree wholeheartedly. Seriously, trying to find differences among each other is too easy. Look for stuff thats common; for instance, we’re all the same species of human. Not really that complicated, is it.

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