Pakistan Navy aids rescue of hostages

Six Indians, besides 11 Egyptians, four Pakistanis and one Sri Lankan, that formed the Egyptian-owned MV Suez’s crew were rescued from Somali pirates on June 13, 2011.

The Pakistani Navy warship PNS Babur, on patrol in the pirate-infested area, escorted a rescue ship amid renewed attacks by pirates to safe waters. Another Pakistan Navy ship, the PNS Zulfiqar took the 22-member crew onboard as the MV Suez, its condition dilapidated after ten months in captivity, began to sink due to technical difficulties. The warship with the vastly relieved, rescued sailors finally reached Pakistan on June 23.

Pakistani warship, PNS Babar is escorting MV-Suez to port Salalah in Oman. PHOTO: FILE/APP

One thought on “Pakistan Navy aids rescue of hostages

  1. Thank you Pakistan for such a nice gift(3 bomb blast in Mumbai ) on on kasab’s birth day.

    God Bless You.

    Get Well Soon…………….

    Jai Hind..

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