NED students launch Pakistan’s first Formula car!

Karachi, March 23rd: What a way to celebrate Pakistan Day! Students of NED University of Engineering and Technology held their Media even for the launch of Pakistan’s first Formula-style car as part of the Formula SAE Competition.

Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) is an international competition between engineering students involving the design, construction and dynamic testing of an open-wheel racecar. NED University is the first engineering institute in the country to have introduced Automotive Engineering.

Being the pioneers, they will be the first team to compete in an international competition of such stature which will be judged by the racing industry’s most prominent engineers and consultants, including Bill Mitchell, Doug Milliken, Claude Rouelle and Jack Auld.

For more, visit the Project website and Facebook Page below:

Students spent more than 25 hours a week to produce the car

5 thoughts on “NED students launch Pakistan’s first Formula car!

  1. Hi Guys! I am a insanely geeky F1 fan! The car looks small and basic but nevertheless it is an awesome start to something very meaningful! I hope that NED and other engineering colleges keep participating in this competition and eventually this leads to better automotive manufacturing here in Pakistan! 🙂

  2. Thank you very much.
    I m a team member of Formula NED.
    yes its not like formula 1. basically its a Formula SAE (FSAE) competition.
    google some images for it, you will get what type of cars these are 🙂

  3. KEEP up the good work guys! I have been to formula student germany in hockenheim 2011 as a red shirts with one of my friend( we were the only pakistanis there) now u guys go and compete! tHE COMPETITION IS HARD AND EXCITING!!!!!!!!! u LL LOVE IT

    • Awesome Salman! Why don’t you do an exclusive write-up about car design in Pakistan, the history, accomplishments, road ahead etc. for Good News. We would love to publish it:

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