Innovation shines in Pakistan

A handheld power backup device, “UJALA”, invented by NED university students receieved a cash award of Rs.5 lakhs after students across Pakistan presented commercial projects based on research, development and market needs.

6 thoughts on “Innovation shines in Pakistan

  1. I want to know about the complete detail of newly invented power device UJALA by the students of NED University
    And I want to buy this product on priority basis.

    Hope you will send me complete detail with address where the above products is available

    • Hello Akbar:

      We definitely relate to your interest. It is a great concept indeed. As mention to Rab Nawaz, we recently met with one of the team members and she said they are working on commercializing the product. Will try to give you guys updates as we find out more inshallah.

      Best. TGN

  2. Dear Students,

    It’s a great start for you keep going. I don’t know why you could not get the product to the market. Many people are willing to buy this product. Please send your contacts or let me know where I can buy it.
    Wish you good luck and success in life in years to come, keep the same spirit and I’m sure you find solutions to some more problems the country is facing.

    • Hi Rab:

      We recently met one of the team members who is show in the picture. She said they are still working on commercializing the product and it is not available to buy yet. Will try to give you guys an update if I hear something.

      Best. TGN

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