Cleaner wins acclaim

A Pakistani hotel employee has won acclaim after handing in over $50,000 (£33,000) in cash that had been left behind by a guest.

Essa Khan, 51, discovered the money in $100 notes left in the room of a Japanese worker at the Serena Hotel in Gilgit. Mr Khan, who earns about 21,000 rupees ($235; £153) a month, says he never considered keeping the money. He has been invited to receive an award from a state governor for his honesty.

2 thoughts on “Cleaner wins acclaim

  1. This is the spirit of honest that every pakistani should have. We are known as the most corrupt and dishonest nation in the world. So we need majority of our people to set such examples.

    • That is true Hanif. The story of Eesa Khan has been an inspiration to many. May our nation be blessed with understanding the value of honesty.

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