Good News in the News! Interview in Herald Magazine [March 2012]

“They operate from a small comfortable room filled with yellow smiley-faces but Majid and Mahmood Mirza, founders of, have set themselves a formidable task: to polish up Pakistan’s image by focusing exclusively on positive developments in the country.”

Check out 1-Hour with by Alizeh Kohari published in the March 2012 issue of the Herald Magazine. Herald is considered to be one of the most influential current affairs magazine in Pakistan! Click on the image for easier reading 🙂

Herald Magazine

March 2012 Issue


Meet Pakistan’s 1st Female Master Scuba Diver! *International Women’s Day Special*

KARACHI: Her world is mysterious, her friends are rainbow-bright and her passion runs deep; meet Rosheen Khan, Pakistan’s first female diving instructor.

In 2009, Rosheen Khan became the first female Scuba diving instructor in Pakistan after undergoing training in Thailand. Rosheen, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), is originally from the province of Balochistan.

Rosheen is now the Director of Training at the Karachi Scuba Diving Center and now trains diving enthusiasts in Pakistan.

This amazing video by ThinkTwicePakistan provides a glimpse into Rosheen’s fascinating life in the world underwater.

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