Japanese investor confidence grows in Pakistan

LAHORE: Several Japanese investors, currently on a visit to Pakistan, have changed their negative perception about the country and its investment climate, said Daisuke Hiratsuka, vice chairman of Japan External Trade Organisation (Jetro).

“We brought 25 Japanese investors to participate in a Karachi Expo. By the time we reached Islamabad to meet with concern quarters, the delegation had doubled as these 25 investors communicated to their counterparts about the available potential in Pakistan’s economy,” Daisuke said.

“Pakistan has been really implementing the World Trade Organisation (WTO) regime for foreign investment as compared to India, where policies for foreign investment is restricted,” he said.

Pakistan is also located at a very important place on the world map, heaving good sea ports and land routes, which is an added advantage for foreign investors as they can export their products easily to the other parts of the world from here – especially easy access to Central Asian States and Europe, Daisuke said.



“I have been surprised to know that the business promotion policy is quite welcoming for the investors in Pakistan,” says Daisuke Hiratsuka.

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