Aman Foundation enhances beach-rescue services

KARACHI – A ceremony was held to inaugurate lifeguard services with an aim to provide safety to the 2 million annual beach goers of Karachi. “Aman-PALS” lifeguard services are a much needed public service made possible by Aman Foundation and Pakistan Life Saving (“PALS”). 
Taking note of the massive impact of life guard services, which brought drowning rates to nil on the beaches of Karachi, AMAN Foundation has decided to become one of the primary organizations to sustain the invaluable lifeguard services for the next 5 years.

The lifeguards are selected by PALS and then trained by the best in the field, courtesy of “Surf Life Saving”-New Zealand and “Surf Life Saving”-Australia, to turn them into contributing members of their communities and their households. Aman-PALS will not only ensure safety at Karachi beaches but will also sustain and build a thriving social enterprise. This is a prime example of the grass roots approach that AMAN Foundation takes to transform lives.

The lifeguard services were first revived by Aman Foundation in early 2011 through disbursement of a capacity building grant to PALS. During the period June to December 2011, the lifeguards successfully rescued over 300 lives and administered first aid to over 400 beach visitors. The launch of Aman-PALS lifeguard services comes at an important time when thousands flock every month due to the summer season and the rough sea necessitates such free public safety.

The Aman grant will provide employment opportunities to more than 120 local lifeguards belonging to the low income coastal communities.

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