Aurat Foundation’s tribute to role models

ISLAMABAD: To celebrate International Women’s Day and pay tribute to women who have achieved excellence in various fields, Aurat Foundation held an awards distribution ceremony at Islamabad Hotel in March.

The awards were distributed among those who have played an active role in empowering women at a very young age.

The following inspirational women, among others were recognized:

Marium Hote Malhar is a social worker who has organised a successful campaign to raise awareness on dengue virus. Hailing from Seraiki area, she says she wasn’t given admission in any school in Islamabad as she could not speak English.

Samina Baig, 21, belongs to Shimshal valley in the Karakoram mountain range. She is the first Pakistani woman to adopt mountaineering as a career and has embarked on a high-altitude winter climbing expedition. She conquered many mountains and made her mark in this sport

Shahroo Malik, 20, is a young artist who depicts women’s issues through her brush. In 2006, she won a competition held by the Japanese embassy, which allowed her to visit Japan

Malala Yousafzai, 14, won the National Peace Award for Youth. During the militant rule in Swat, she wrote on kids’ rights to education on BBC website.

Sara Nasir, 21, is the only girl from Pakistan to achieve a gold medal in karate in a recognised martial arts competition such as the South Asian Games in Dhaka in February 2010. She earned her black belt at the age of eight.

During the militant rule in Swat, Malala Yousafzai, 14, wrote on children’s rights to education

4 thoughts on “Aurat Foundation’s tribute to role models

  1. I log in very often and feel so proud.. !! I have almost quit watching all the negative news and channels and this def brings in what we all need to see and hear… Would love to be a part of a team that can encourage and promote the goodness…!!

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