Inspirational calligraphy wows Jeddawis

Jeddah, October 2011: Art aficionados had a chance to attend the Alla’ma bil Qalam Arabic and Qur’anic Calligraphy Exhibition organized by the Consulate General of Pakistan. The four-day exhibition, which was held at Jeddah’s Sheraton Ballroom, was installed in order for Pakistan to showcase its achievements but also in consideration of global interest surrounding the art.

Thirty-one calligraphers exhibited their works in the Khat Kufi, Deewani, Thulth, Naskh and Nastaleeq styles and 16 of them held their workshop alongside their work presentation.

Artists agree in considering calligraphy a primary form of cultural identity and an important heritage for the Arab-Muslim world. Their aim is to nourish passion and love for this art. “At the moment, we established a calligraphic course at Karachi University,” Kashif Khan explained. “We believe calligraphy is a treasure and that getting people closer to it will help in preserving the art.”

Muhammad Ahmed, Image: Courtesy of Consulate General of Pakistan

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