Pakistani-American billionaire purchases Jacksonville Jaguars

Shahid Khan, a self-made billionare who immigrated to the United States at 16 from Pakistan, has became the first NFL owner of Pakistani origins after agreeing to purchase the Jacksonville Jaguars, a famous American Football team.

Khan studied at Illinois and worked his way through school while pursuing industrial engineering. At 20, he started his own company using $16,000 he saved and a $50,000 business loan. That was it. That was how he started. His business idea was a simple one: Make a car bumper into one piece instead of several. That way, there would be no rusty welds or small pieces falling apart. It was considered a brilliant innovation, and from that, Khan became a billionaire.

Shahid Khan is the first person of Pakistan origin to own an NFL football team

9 thoughts on “Pakistani-American billionaire purchases Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Thats the way Pakistanis are. A proud nation where people like Shahid khan, Imran Khan, Likes of Jahangir and Jansher khan have earned names in the history of the world. Hope and pray that Mr. Shahid’s wealth also sees poors of his motherland.

  2. Shahid khan can construct couple of new plants for cheap energy production in his own motherland. Trust me, it’s a promising business too- making electricity from coal.

  3. Great to know this, these are the stars who change the views of those who think that Pakistani’s are terrorists

    @Nadeem – Dear Coal is not suitable to use as an alternate energy because of pollution emerged by it .. the best alternate for energy are Manure,Solar system

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