‘Humsay Apko’ brings happiness in a box

Aasiya Faris Sachwani and her daughter Mahum are the Founders of ‘Humsay Apko’ a community initiative to bring happiness in the lives of hospitalized children.  For 6 years, with the help of family and friends they have been distributing Eid gifts to underpriveledged children in Civil Hospital.

Aasiya’s daughter discussed the idea with her friends in the kindergarten section of Karachi Grammar School (KGS). Mothers became interested and the principal decided to pitch in, turning it into a school volunteer project. The project had a life of its own, spreading to The Lyceum School, Indus Academy and Froebel’s Education Centre by the next year.

“My daughter has seen me active in these projects from a very young age,” says Aasiya.  “Making the boxes could have been an adult experience, but the more important thing is that every box comes from one child who is thinking about it. It is important to make our children a part of giving, something we don’t usually do. Yes, someone is getting this box. But someone is giving it. Hence the name Humsay Apko (from me to you).”


2 thoughts on “‘Humsay Apko’ brings happiness in a box

    • Definitely Salman! Its an all round great initiative. Good activity for the kids and such a great cause at the same time.

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