Chaiwala’s humility an inspiration

While many are swooning over, Arshad Khan (Chaiwala)’s eyes, we at were more impressed by his humility and sense of purpose in the interview below. Yes, there are rumours and clips that ‘Chaiwala’ has become a model and taken to the TV screen, but we would rather freeze frame on this interview where, in response to being asked about appearing on TV, he very promptly responds “Nahee apna chai banaye gaa, apne izzat ka kaam karey gaa.” On being pressed further about a film and TV career he repeats “Hum apna chai kamaye gaa, chai bechey gaa.” Let’s do what we can to help and appreciate people but protect them from the vices of life in the fast lane where we’ve seen so many ruin themselves. Comment below whether you agree or disagree.


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