Students take to streets… To Clean Up!

ISLAMABAD: On Sunday morning, students and citizens in several major cities across Pakistan took to the streets. Not to protest, but to clean up.

The idea for ‘Project Clean Up for Peace’ came about when 23-year-old Faran Rafi, a resident of Islamabad, posted this message on Twitter on Friday: “I say when/if these #protests end, we take up the streets and clean up the mess. Show the world that real #Pakistanis say NO to violence.”

When the tweet and a similar update on his Facebook wall received positive response from his followers and friends, Rafi created a public event on Facebook and started inviting his friends.

In just four hours, 740 people from across Pakistan signed up for the event. As of Saturday evening, that number has gone up to 4,374.

“The tweet turned into a movement,” Rafi, who recently graduated from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, told The Express Tribune.

Rafi and his friends have appointed representatives for Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi to coordinate the clean up efforts. They have also used social media to promote the event, both on their Facebook page and through Twitter using the hashtag #ProjectCleanUpForPeace.

“The basic purpose is to tell the world that Pakistanis can be peaceful and productive as well,” Rafi said. “We are going to show our support for our Prophet (PBUH) by following his Sunnah and teachings.”–to-clean-up/

In just four hours, 740 people from across Pakistan signed up for the event

5 thoughts on “Students take to streets… To Clean Up!

  1. Shahbash! Rafi. You have proved what young EDUCATED Pakistani’s are and differentiated from the ‘Jahil Junglees’
    Keep up the good work and show what Pakistan is to the world.

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