Islamic artist finds peace in his work

The calligrapher of the Prophet’s Mosque, Shafeeq uz Zaman, is from Pakistan. Since 1990, he has been doing calligraphy work (in the Thuluth script) on the mosque’s 177 domes. He won second prize at the International Calligraphy Competition in Istanbul, Turkey and has also won several competitions at national and international levels. Hundreds of Arabs and Turkish people are students of Ustadh Shafeeq.

It is astonishing that he learned calligraphy on his own and calls himself the spiritual student of the renowned 20th century calligrapher, Ustadh Hamid Al-Amidi.

Ustadh Shafeeq thinks in the period of computers, calligraphy’s importance will not fade. He also says he finds peace while doing calligraphy in the Prophet’s Mosque and cannot find this anywhere else. He shared his experiences and achievements in an interview with Khalid Khurshid.

Shafeeq was found creating signboards on a street in Karachi by a Saudi Sheikh who was impressed with his work and employed him

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