Big win for Pakistan at Karl Popper Debates

It was a big win for Pakistan when their team were declared winners of the first Asian Karl Popper Debate Championship and all three members of the team emerged the top speaker, runner-up and fifth. 

Zainab Shahid, aged 17, leapt out of her seat when Pakistan 2 was declared winner as her teammates Aleena Ali, 17, Murtaza Chaudhry, 18, and their coach Haider Khan cheered. They beat the Nepal 2 team in the grand finals which was held in Pattaya on May 18.

Noel Selegzi, Program Director of OSF Youth Initiatives presented the challenge trophy to teams Pakistan 2 and Nepal 2.

Earlier in his speech, he said: “You come from a wide range of countries – a wide spectrum from closed to open. This forum is to prepare you to discuss critical issues in a responsible manner. We see debate as a means to promote open society.

The top 5 speakers had 4 contestants from Pakistan:

1st        Aleena Ali (Pakistan 2)                                   467 points

2nd       Yondeen Sherpa (Nepal 2)                              466 points

3rd        Zainab Shahid (Pakistan 2)                            464 points

4th        Isha Raut (Pakistan 2)                                       459 points

5th        Murtaza Chaudhry (Pakistan 2)                      459 points

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