Ricksaaf: A rickshaw that wants your trash

KARACHI: The rick-saaf is a combination of a rickshaw and a garbage truck that can collect waste from those hard to reach places where the onus is generally left to the scavenger.

Khayam Husain’s own neighborhood and his work in Sindh’s flooded areas with the Karachi Relief Trust inspired him to find solutions for waste management. “… I wanted to design a vehicle that could get into small areas.”

The prototype Husain’s company Autocom has designed takes a rickshaw and adds a steel container that can take up to 200kg. This, then, operates through hydraulics with an independent power pack that uses a separate car battery, which doesn’t put any strain on the engine or fuel consumption. He adds that it is a simple system that can be operated by virtually anyone.


The prototype takes a rickshaw and adds a steel container that can hold up to 200kg

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