Pakistani karate champ hero in Jeddah floods

The Pakistani community in Jeddah is proud of one of its own, Farman Ali Khan, a Pakistani karate champ who rescued 14 people during the Jeddah floods on Nov. 25 before being swept away in the deluge while he attempted to rescue the 15th person.

“Khan, as a member of the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia has proved by sacrificing his life that Pakistanis and Saudis are brothers enjoying close ties, and we will never hesitate to offer our lives for our Saudi brothers in testing times.”

The Saudi government announced an amount of SR100,000 to be given to Khan’s daughters. WAMY has provided a lifetime orphan care program with financial aid of about SR600,000 to Khan’s family. WAMY has also decided to build a school and a mosque in Khan’s district ‘Khawaza Kheila’ in Swat.

“My relative in Jeddah told me that Khan saved 14 persons and every time he would think of different approaches to rescue people, including using tire tubes, wooden planks and ropes. However, when he tried to save the life of one more person, he lost his balance and drowned,” said Khan’s brother, Mohammad.

Farman's daughters

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