Pakistani students shine at Global Islamic Conference

LAHORE – A paper titled ‘Barriers to Islamic Banking in Pakistan’ presented by 5 undergraduate students Hassan Ahmed, Nausherwan Saleem, Khawaja Jaffer Abbas, Muzammil Altaf Barkhurdaria and Jawad Mehmood from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) received the best student paper award at the Global Islamic Marketing Conference held in Dubai, UAE in March, 2011.

“[Our paper] can enable Islamic banks to develop marketing and operational strategies to specifically address those barriers which consumers actually face”, said one of the authors.

2 thoughts on “Pakistani students shine at Global Islamic Conference

  1. I m sure this is a dirty trick of you Pakistanis to show a soft face of your country and gain the attentions of global media through this fake picture of Pakistan.These incidents may be real but the reality is something different.

    As a Human Being We all Must hate Pakistan and Pakistanis at worst of our extend.

    (Bcoz u people r the enemies of entire Humanity and Islam as well)

    And I M sure the intention behind all these scientific achievements and innovations is to destroy Humanity and to kill more & more innocent people (including women & small children) in the world on the name of Islam or Jihad.

    Few Examples:

    1) Very soon the world will see a new generation of Cyber Terrorist led by Arfa Karim – World’s Youngest ARCast Programmer from Pakistan.

    2)See the big beards ( Just like their Ideal Islamic Fundamentalists Leaders) of the winner of Karachi’s Second-year architecture students of the University of Karachi’s Department of Visual Studies (DOVS) won the jury prize for the Chicken Coop Competition 2010. And no need to remind that Osama Bin Laden was also a Architect by Qualification.

    3)Pakistani engineer shines in China – Today Most of the bombs are detonated by mobile phones.Very soon you will find his name in some Islamic terrorist attack in some part of world killing innocent children ,women and senior citizens.

    4)Pakistani students shine at Global Islamic Conference – Yes sure bcoz Pakistan is the biggest factory of Global Terrorism and mass producer Islamic Terrorist So no doubt that the Pakistani students shine at Global Islamic Conference and will remain shining till Islamic terrorism prevails in this world.

    5)Pak judge to head Rwanda tribunal -JUNE 18, 2011- Biggest Joke of Century – A person from a country like Pakistan is leading as Judges on the International Criminal Tribunal, How can she understand the meaning of Constitution since her own country is the haven for the for the worlds most wanted & dangerous criminals and terrorist and being treated as state guests (latest one is Osama Bin Laden and Dawood Ibrahim). And the Constitution is considered no more than a bundle of waste Paper as per words of their own Ex President – Mr. Zia – Ul – Haq.

    6)Pakistan’s ground-breaking female cabbie – Today she is cab driver, Tomorrow she will be a car bomb driver.

    I think this is more than enough to prove reality of what u (Pakistanis) Say and What u Do.

    • Dear Nova, everything you are saying COULD be true, but then again it could be false. Maybe all these people are really as brilliant as they seem and they have good intentions for a peaceful and better world. Let’s try to open our minds up to new possibilities.

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