Youngsters make world’s largest cricket ball

Lahore: While the Pakistani cricket team were defeating the West Indies to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup, Qamar Siddique and Muhammad Azeem were making the world’s largest cricket ball.

The ball was made with the same material that is used in professional cricket. It took material equivalent to 300 balls to make the world’s largest ball.

4 thoughts on “Youngsters make world’s largest cricket ball

  1. i appreciate the positive development from the Pakistan
    i think the picture is not related to the article because, the languages mentioned on the Big Ball is Tamil & Telugu (South Indian Languages)

    • Hi Keertish. You are absolutely right. The cricket ball shown in the image isn’t the one that was made by Qamar Siddique and Muhammad Azeem. Sometimes at TGN we use images that aren’t entirely accurate but that will be a clear visual for the topic of the post – especially for an older audience. In this particular post, high quality images weren’t available of the actual story. However, your eye is commendable as you’re the first one to comment about this 🙂

    • Asa Azeem. Thanks so much for commenting. What a great initiative you guys undertook. Do you have any other high quality images? If not, why not have someone with a professional camera or media person take some good photos. The ones on Facebook are very low quality.

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