Haroon Khan wins first int’l bout in CWG

Amir Khan’s younger brother Haroon is hoping to make his mark in boxing for Pakistan at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after the 19-year-old impressed in a 12-1 third-round stoppage win over Sunday Elias of Tanzania.

“I’ve wanted to box for Britain at the Olympics ever since Amir won silver in Athens,” he said recently.

“When I went over to Pakistan, they were offering me a house and a car with a driver if I wanted to stay there.”


3 thoughts on “Haroon Khan wins first int’l bout in CWG

  1. I would request Haroon Khan to play for Pakistan as we really need to hear some good news, be it in any field including sports!

  2. Didn’t you read, he wants to play for Britain, not Pakistan – ‘they’ offered him a house and a car, he refused. There is a difference between ‘Pakistani Roots’ and “Pakistani’ – this site should focus on the later, not the former.

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